November 23, 2006

"Bush Pig" with new boots!

Well, there you have it. The "Bush Pig", with it's new boots, on the front lawn

November 22, 2006

tires, on!

Finally, the 35" tires are on the truck. What a difference! The extra 3" of clearance (29" -> 35" diameter) shows off the underbody quite nicely. I have a 3" body lift on the truck, and it still has the stock CDN Military suspension (rock hard), so I'm doubtful the wheels will be able to flex properly without a suspension upgrade, and I may give myself body damage if I turn left/right, we'll see what the clearance is like when the wheel is cranked one way or the other. For now, it will do - since the 350 hasn't been swapped for the 454, yet.

My 1/2" impact driver (eBay!) worked great, and I'm certainly glad I bought a 60Gal air compressor, it sure did zip through the air as it hammered off those rusty lug nuts. Unfortunately, it also leaks, the only tool I've bought off eBay that has a defect, so I'll need to get it refurbed. Snap-on's Canadian repair shop is way out in Calgary, Alberta - so I'm going to take it to Ottawa Fasteners, and see what they can do. They do repair tools, and I have high hopes that they'll be able to fix up my 1/2" impact driver.

On the topic of air tools, I'm using 3/8" hose, with 1/4" NPT ends, but I've switched to 3/8" "T" connectors for my tools. While it would seem that 1/4" "M" connectors are more normal, I hope to sometime get 1/2" hose, and use 3/8" "T" connectors, so I figured even if the larger diameter "T' connector today doesn't get me any extra air, later, with 1/2" hose, I will, and I won't need to replace all the connectors on my tools.

November 19, 2006

too short!

Seems my jack for my truck is too short... It's just a basic floor jack from CTC, and I'm afraid it doesn't go high enough to lift my truck off the ground! One more tool to get... To match my Michelin Blue jack stands, I'm going to have to get a 2.5Ton Michelin jack - and soon! I can't change my truck's tires without one!